Mobile App

The Limbis mobile app is designed for attendees to receive, store, and organize digital media about the vendors on the trade show floor. The app is easy to use; attendees simply open it, and vendor media is automatically displayed based on their location. Vendor media is custom created for the event and includes PDFs, videos, URLs, LinkedIn Profiles, and more.

Attendees can share this media, bookmark it for later, and take notes on vendors within the mobile app, and this content is accessible from any other device after the event. The app also offers industry-leading real-time indoor mapping and the Limbis Smart Agenda.


Our in-house graphic design team custom creates each vendor media page, which can be reviewed and edited up to the day of the event.

Implementing Limbis is a simple process for the event. We assign and label each beacon for you and ship them to the event location. Event staff then place each beacon on or around the vendor’s booth during event setup. When the event is over, beacons are collected and returned. No wires, no outlets. The Limbis mobile app can also be white labeled for your event.


We know that you have spent money and time customizing a mobile app for your trade show. We have heard your requests, and have delivered the Limbis API. Limbis now easily and intuitively plugs in to your existing mobile app.

Access to the Limbis vendor log can be placed either as an icon on the home screen or as an item within the menu, along with bookmarks and notes. Our API also includes the Limbis Smart Agenda and our industry-leading real-time indoor mapping.

Along with digital media creation, vendors receive individual attendee analytics with our API, and attendees can log in online after the show to access their digital media as well. Our API can be integrated within 2-5 days.

About Us

Limbis was founded by Michael Ballestero and Vikram Chauhan. Michael and Vikram both went to UC San Diego for Bioengineering and followed up with their M.S. in Mechanical Engineering at UCLA and Stanford respectively. Outside of tech, they have several years of experience in the event space. Both share a passion for basketball, football, and golf.

Our Story:
When Bluetooth Low Energy and Bluetooth Beacons first came out, we recognized the value of the user engagement. After several app iterations, we developed what we thought the technology was best used for: easily creating and sharing contextual content within indoor venues. We realized that this technology could be used to spam users and wanted above all to make a tool for customers to engage with vendors, and not the other way around. Limbis is an information gathering and organizing system. Users open the app to view, save, and share content—meaning no push notifications and unwanted solicitations.

Taner Halicioglu is a Silicon Valley native and graduated from the University of California, San Diego in 1996 with a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Science. After graduation, he returned to Silicon Valley where he participated as a very early employee (within the first 20) at multiple high profile tech start-ups in the mid-to-late 90's and through the 2000's including: GlobalCenter, Loudcloud, eBay (post-IPO), and Facebook (where he was the first employee hired by the founders).

In 2009 he moved to Southern California and joined Blizzard Entertainment, and in 2012 returned to San Diego to teach Computer Science at his Alma Mater. Taner has a long history managing large scale systems as well as technical operations for enterprise companies.

Our Beacons:
Limbis is compatible with all Bluetooth 4.0 beacons. While we have used manufacturers such as Estimote and Qualcomm, we primarily use custom beacons from Our beacons have a 2 year battery life that we can measure wirelessly to ensure they are showtime ready. No outlets required. We program them for each vendor before the event, meaning setup simply involves placing the beacon at the booth.


If you are interested in purchasing the Limbis Platform, receiving a demo of Limbis, or obtaining more information, please Contact Us.

Due to the broad applicability of Limbis, the different clients we serve, and the number of beacons each venue uses, pricing is variable. Please contact us and we can discuss and quote your unique use case.


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